Praise The Cheddar Goblin: MANDY Is Headed To Even MORE Theaters This Weekend

You owe it to yourself to see Panos Cosmatos' latest on the biggest screen possible.

Last weekend, Panos Cosmatos' Mandy - hands down one of the year's craziest films and a strong contender for Birth.Movies.Death.'s Movie of The Year - rolled into a number of theaters across the country, where it promptly set about rewiring the brains of everyone who saw it. Filled with face-melting colors, swirling soundscapes and hallucinogenic visuals, Mandy truly benefits from being seen on the biggest screen possible, with the loudest possible sound system.

If there was any downside to all this, it was that Mandy wasn't exactly easy for everyone to find. Though the film's readily available OnDemand (and will be hitting Blu-ray on October 30th, just in time for Halloween), the number of theaters screening the film were limited. In between sold out showings and lengthy drive times, some would-be fans simply couldn't experience Cosmatos' film as the good lord intended. 

So, here's some good news for anyone who got locked out of last weekend's Mandy screenings: not only is the film staying in theaters, but it's also being rolled out to a number of new locations, including the San Francisco Alamo Drafthouse. If you were previously unable to find a screening in your area, you might just be able to now (and, hey: maybe if word-of-mouth continues apace, the powers-that-be will see fit to put it in even more locations)!

This news is definitely worth celebrating, but before we get to the list of theaters where you can catch Mandy this weekend, let's take a moment to appreciate what's going on here: an absolutely bananapants Panos Cosmatos movie featuring a chainsaw fight, leather-clad demons riding motorcycles, a tiger, something called a "Cheddar Goblin", eyeball-meltingly trippy visuals and the best Nicolas Cage performance in years (real talk: when does the For Your Consideration Oscar campaign start?) is sitting at a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, and has proven so successful in its highly limited run - has, indeed, generated so much chatter on social media from fans dying to see it - that its theatrical run is being extended and expanded. This is not something you see every day, and is absolutely a testament to Mandy's wild power. The film's something to see, but the response to the film has been almost as mindblowing. 

Anyway, here's the list of locations where you can see Mandy this weekend:

  • Ann Arbor - State Theatre
  • Arcata, CA - Minor Theatre
  • Ashburn, VA - Alamo Drafthouse One Loudoun (Ashburn, VA)
  • Asheville, NC - Grail Moviehouse
  • Austin - AFS Cinema
  • Austin - Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline
  • Austin - Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane
  • Austin - Alamo Drafthouse Mueller (Austin, TX)
  • Austin - Alamo Drafthouse Village
  • Baltimore - Parkway Theatre
  • Boston - Amherst
  • Boston - Coolidge Corner Theatre
  • Chalmette, LA - Chalmette Movies
  • Chicago - Music Box Theatre
  • Cleveland - Cedar Lee Theater
  • Columbia, MO - Ragtag Cinema
  • Columbus - Gateway Columbus
  • Dallas - Alamo Drafthouse Denton
  • Dallas - Alamo Drafthouse Lake Highlands
  • Dallas - Alamo Drafthouse Las Colinas
  • Dallas - Texas Theatre
  • Dallas-Ft. Worth - Alamo Drafthouse Cedars (Dallas, TX)
  • Dallas-Ft. Worth - Alamo Drafthouse Richardson (TX)
  • Denver - Alamo Drafthouse Littleton
  • Denver - Alamo Drafthouse Sloans Lake
  • Denver - SIE Film Center
  • Duluth, MN - Zinema 2
  • Durham, NC - Carolina Theatre
  • El Paso - Alamo Drafthouse Montecillo
  • Eugene, OR - Broadway Metro
  • Fort Collins, CO - The Lyric
  • Grand Rapids - Woodland Grand Rapids
  • Hartford, CT - Bow Tie Palace 17 & BTX
  • Houston - Alamo Drafthouse LaCenterra (Katy)
  • Kansas City - Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet
  • Kansas City - Screenland Armour
  • Los Angeles (Santa Ana) - Frida Cinema
  • Louisville - Village 8 (St. Matthews)
  • Lubbock - Alamo Drafthouse Lubbock
  • Memphis - Wolfchase Cinema Grill
  • Miami - O Cinema
  • Minneapolis - Alamo Drafthouse Woodbury
  • Monterey, CA - Osio
  • Nashville - Belcourt Theater
  • New Braunfels - Alamo Drafthouse Marketplace
  • New Orleans - The Broad
  • New York - Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn
  • New York - Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers
  • New York - IFC Center
  • New York - Proctors Theatre (Schenectady, NY)
  • New York, Brooklyn - Nitehawk
  • Omaha - Alamo Drafthouse La Vista
  • Phoenix - Alamo Drafthouse Chandler
  • Phoenix - Filmbar
  • Phoenix - Harkins Valley Art
  • Portland - Cinema 21
  • Portland, ME - Nickelodeon
  • Portland, OR - Hollywood Theatre
  • Raleigh - Alamo Drafthouse Raleigh
  • Richmond, VA - Bow Tie Movieland Blvd Square
  • Salt Lake City - Tower Theatre
  • San Antonio - Alamo Drafthouse Westlakes
  • San Francisco - Alamo Drafthouse New Mission
  • Seattle - SIFF Cinema Uptown
  • Springfield, MO - Alamo Drafthouse Springfield (MO)
  • St. Louis - Moolah Theatre & Lounge
  • Stamford, CT - Bow Tie Landmark 5
  • Tempe - Alamo Drafthouse Tempe (AZ)
  • Trumbull, CT - Bow Tie Marquis 16 & BTX
  • Tucson - Loft Cinema
  • Woodbridge, VA - Alamo Drafthouse Woodbridge (VA)

Mandy is one of the best theatergoing experiences of the year. If you live withing driving range of any of the theaters listed above, we insist you go out and give it a whirl this weekend. Trust us now, thank us later.