A Third KINGSMAN Is On Its Violent, Polite Way

Matthew Vaughn returns to complete his spy trilogy.

Matthew Vaughn's second Kingsman movie didn't explode people's heads quite like the first one did, but nonetheless, a third film is on its way, according to Deadline. The report states that the third film will be a "capper" to the series, again taking inspiration from Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar's The Secret Service comic series.

There's not much to this story as of yet. Writer/director Vaughn is returning, as is co-writer Jane Goldman. Taron Egerton might be returning, presumably along with his character Eggsy Unwin. I would also assume that high-concept, over-the-top action setpieces would make some sort of appearance. But the rest of the cast is as yet unconfirmed. The second film had a big cast! Those folks are expensive.

As for where the series could go next: Vaughn has made some statements about what he wants to do, at least. For one thing, as of a few months ago, he wanted to shoot the third Kingsman alongside a prequel entitled Kingsman: The Great Game, which would look at the mid-'90s formation of the spy agency. He also wanted to cast Dwayne Johnson as the villain in the sequel, a decision which we've punched into our graphing calculators and determined is approximately equal to perfect.

Kingsman 3, whatever its title or personnel, is set for a release on November 8th, 2019. You in?