New BUMBLEBEE Trailer Ups The Action, Maintains The Heart

Could December bring an actually-good Transformers film?

Transformers movies will continue releasing until the heat death of the universe, if Paramount has anything to say about it - but it seems only recently that the studio has turned its attention to making the movies any good.

Enter Bumblebee, which has impressed us at every turn (admittedly, clearing a low bar), and which dropped a new trailer today. Prepare for more story, more heart, and more Transformers:

Yep: interest still piqued. For one thing, the story seems to reflect the “kid-and-their-car” values Bay’s first movie claimed to espouse - only trading a douchebag Shia LaBoeuf character for a likeable Hailee Steinfeld one. There’s also a clarity here that Bay’s filmmaking lacks as a whole: the framing is crisp, the action clear, and even the robots have a chunkier look and personality.

But honestly, it’s all in that shot of Bumblebee ruffling Steinfeld’s hair - and the fact that said shot doesn’t look like an island. Director Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings) appears to get the basics of storytelling like Michael Bay never will. And also, the basics of casting John Cena, whose supporting presence honestly fits these movies like a glove.

Bumblebee comes out December 21st, and will do box-office battle with Mary Poppins Returns, Aquaman, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Alita: Battle Angel, Mortal Engines, Holmes & Watson, and Welcome to Marwen, all of which open within one week of each other. Which will win the coveted family dollar? Is that even a zero-sum game at Christmas? We’ll see. All we hope for is that the movies are good.