New JOKER Photos Will Continue To Drop Until Morale Improves

In which we get yet another look at Joaquin Phoenix's Crown Prince of Crime.

And Now, A Message From The News Editor:

Our own Andrew Todd's been manning the news desk this week while the rest of the Birth.Movies.Death. crew gets is collective ass handed to it by Fantastic Fest, an idea that seemed perfectly reasonable when we first pitched it. Andrew's a capable dude. He can turn around a story quickly, he knows what Good Content looks like, and he's got a keen editor's eye. Unfortunately, leaving Andrew on his own this week also meant that he was the only one available to write up all these goddamn Joker photos, and he is now very much dead.


Yes, we're here today to gawk at another Joker photo. Yes, it features Joaquin Phoenix in a brand-new get-up. Yes, we're all still very curious (bordering on cautiously optimistic, and in a totally non-ironic way!) about this project. No, none of us have anything new to say on the matter.

Here's the pic, via director Todd Phillips' Instagram:

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As you can see, that's Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck, done up like an old timey circus clown. The set photos that made the rounds earlier this week showed us an entirely different Joker, one we're fairly certain will represent Phoenix's final form. This? We don't know what this is, honestly, but we're guessing it's Fleck before he becomes Gotham's Crown Prince of Crime. 

That's it. That's the whole post. Be safe out there.