Trailer For CHANNEL ZERO Season Four Found A Door In Its Basement

...and it thinks it made a big mistake.

Channel Zero has become one of the very best shows on TV by quietly delivering top notch genre storytelling that's legitimately unsettling and helmed by rather skilled up-and-coming directors (adhering to the "auteur television" template laid out by True Detective). While it's arguable that Craig William Macneill's Candle Cove has yet to be topped (dat tooth monster tho!), that doesn't mean No-End House (Steven Piet's second season) and Butcher's Block (Arkasha Stevenson's third) didn't give the show's initial installment a run for its money.

Though each chapter is based on a particular creepypasta short story - the Internet's premier source for online campfire tales/urban legends - showrunner Nick Antosca has been somewhat tight-lipped regarding the primary source for season four (The Dream Door). However, one look at the trailer for of this October's most anticipated spooky series makes it pretty clear.

Check it out:

"I Found a Hidden Door in My Cellar, and I Think I’ve Made a Big Mistake" is a creepypasta derived from a mysterious Reddit user known only as v0ids. You can check the original post out here, or get a rundown on YouTube about it here. However, no amount of research is going to explain just where the hell this grown woman's imaginary "friend" came from (and how his reign of terror can be ended). 

From the looks of it, director EL Katz (Cheap Thrills) is going to be chasing more of the childhood trauma that made Candle Cove so damn good. You can count this writer in, as the October 26th release date makes it perfect viewing for Halloween. Can Macneill finally be dethroned as the "King of Channel Zero"? We're just gonna have to find out. 

Stay tuned...