Lars Von Trier’s THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT Debuts Seven Twisted Posters

Serial killer yoga looks tough as hell.

Any new film from Lars von Trier is going to herald two things, at the very least: polarised reviews, and beautiful, memorable, fucked-up one-sheets.

Von Trier's outrageously violent serial-killer drama The House That Jack Built has already seen the former, starting from its Cannes premiere. Our own Charles Bramesco described it as "the product of a frustrated man, a destructive man both inward and out, a man fundamentally at odds with his own well-being," going on to say the recently-sober director has "splayed his innermost demons all over the screen like so much blood spatter." Not for everyone, then.

But what of the one-sheets? If you look back, you'll remember the disarming series of posters used to promote (or at least, gain notoriety for) Nymphomaniac - you know the ones, with the O-faces and all. Today, a series of images dropped from The House That Jack Built: posters that feature the film's characters, from the eponymous killer to his victims, bound with wire into a range of eyebrow-raising, sickeningly unnatural poses.

Say what you will about von Trier's output as a director; his films have generated incredible one-sheets, and these are no exception. Beautiful and disturbing, without going all NSFW on you, they're the kind of disarming images you'll definitely stop to gawk at, even if you won't necessarily make an appointment to see the film they're promoting. The fact that von Trier himself appears on one of them, too, is just the kind of self-aggrandising attempt at self-deprecation he's become known for. (Cue the autofellatio jokes.)

The House That Jack Built stars Matt Dillon, Uma Thurman, Riley Keough, and Meme Hitler himself Bruno Ganz, and though it's been picked up by IFC, has no confirmed US release date as of yet. I'll be seeing it next week at Montreal's Festival du Nouveau Cinema. Here we go...