Steven Yeun Gets Creepy In Trailer For Korean Thriller BURNING

The Cannes and Fantastic Fest darling comes to cinemas next month.

South Korean mystery Burning lit up audiences at its Cannes premiere earlier this year, winning the Fipresci International Critics' Prize and going on to be programmed at TIFF, Fantastic Fest, and Montreal's Festival du Nouveau Cinema (which I mention only because that's where I'll finally see it). The film follows a struggling writer who becomes obsessed with a former classmate's new boyfriend (The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun, speaking his mother tongue), who starts out disarmingly chill before revealing unpleasant secrets over the course of the film, in classic slow-Burning thriller style. 

Distributor Well Go Entertainment today dropped the film's first US trailer, which should give you a sense of the quietly creeping tension for which the film has been lauded:

This thing looks gorgeous - and that's hardly surprising, given that I've only heard effusive praise for the film. It happens to be South Korea's official Foreign Language Film submission to the Academy Awards, and if selected, it would - incredibly - be the first time the country has had a film in contention for that statue.

Burning releases on October 26th in the United States. In the meantime, check out Kambole Campbell's review out of TIFF - unless you'd prefer to go in completely blind, in which case you probably avoided this post anyway.