The HAPPY DEATH DAY Sequel Has A Very Cute Title

You'll probably groan. But it'll be a smiling groan.

Christopher Landon’s clever slasher Happy Death Day was a surprise treat of last year’s Halloween movie season. A self-aware horror twist on the Groundhog Day time-loop formula, it worked as a horror movie, a mystery, and even a comedy at times, with longtime Paranormal Activity writer Landon executing Scott Lobdell's script with slick aplomb. Nobody expected that movie to be that good - but man, it was good

It also made over $120 million worldwide for Universal and Blumhouse, so of course there’s a sequel in the works, with Landon and his terrific lead actor Jessica Rothe back in the saddle. That sequel will release on Valentine’s Day 2019, and now it’s got a title:

Happy Death Day 2U.

That’s so cute it’s unbearable.

Landon says the sequel will fold the original back in on itself, Back To The Future II-style, with Rothe’s character trying to glean why she became trapped in the time loop in the first place. In all likelihood, she - or some other character - will end up dying, over and over again. The idea of the Happy Death Day sequel (series?) diving deeper into time-travel shenanigans is super exciting, and we can’t wait.

There’s not much to this news post, I’ll admit. But hey, any excuse to remind people to watch a smart, hyper-entertaining movie! You've got until February 14th, 2019, to get yourself educated.