And her voice actor has already Milkshake Ducked.

There’s no such thing as a six-month period without new Star Wars content now. It will continue until the end of time, and thus, Star Wars: Resistance hits screens next month. For the uninformed, it’s an animated show from Dave Filoni (The Clone Wars; Rebels) about fighter pilots in the early days of the Resistance - i.e. the years leading up to The Force Awakens.

A new, lengthy, and overwhelming trailer came out today, unleashing a barrage of information to an audience that doesn’t even know who these many, many characters are yet:

The animation and action choreography here all looks terrific, although I’m yet to be sold on the animation style. For movie-centric fans, the main point of note is that Poe Dameron, Captain Phasma, and what looks like the beginnings of the Starkiller Base all make appearances in the show, connecting it directly to the Star Wars sequel trilogy. The trailer also introduces its own version of General Leia, played by voice actor Rachel Butera.

[Rachel Butera literally Milkshake Ducks between the starting and finishing of this article]

Unfortunately for Disney, this comes out on the same day as Butera posted this video mocking Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault testimony before the Senate:

If it’s taken down by the time you read this: Butera mocks Ford’s voice (a voice cracking with emotion recounting an incident of sexual abuse), repeatedly saying in an exaggerated imitation that she doesn’t sound like “a grown woman.” Specifically, she says “I sound like I’m still back at that high school party.” That’s a pretty shocking and demeaning thing to say - not to mention PTSD-inducing - and kind of insulting to Carrie Fisher's legacy as well, joke or not. Jesus Christ.

UPDATE as of 3:05 EST: Butera has deleted the tweet and posted this:

UPDATE as of 3:35 EST: Butera has locked her Twitter.

What a whirlwind. To clumsily segue to a conclusion: hopefully Star Wars: Resistance delivers the same kind of rollercoaster thrills when it premieres on the Disney Channel on October 7th.