Here’s Your First Trailer For DARK PHOENIX

The X-Men prepare to battle one of their own...again.

It's been easy to forget lately that amidst all the DC films, Marvel Cinematic Universe entries, and whatever Sony's Venom is, Fox is still plugging away at its own superhero universe. We've been inundated with news about the others, and Fox's - yet to be folded, post-merger, into Disney's - has fallen by the wayside a little.

Well, no more! Today the studio dropped a trailer for Dark Phoenix, the latest in its twisty-turny, continuity-burny X-Men series. Check it out:

Looks like an X-Men movie, all right. This film comes closer than ever to overlapping the earlier films' continuity, retelling the Dark Phoenix saga with Sophie Turner as Jean Grey instead of Famke Janssen. Director Simon Kinberg's Phoenix film appears to hew closer to the comics' space-based origin story than Brett Ratner's X-Men 3 - although the trailer keeps its precise machinations close to its chest, in favour of some self-serious X-Men melodrama. Based on the soundtrack, there may be Vietnam flashbacks. Who knows.

Dark Phoenix (a title apparently shorn of any explicit X-Men reference!) releases on February 14th, 2019. Are you excited to see it? Personally, though I like this cast a lot, the X-Men movies lost me a couple entries ago, and this somewhat flat trailer isn't doing much to change that.

And I mean, does the modern superhero news cycle really have room for a Phoenix that isn't Joaquin? Food for thought, everyone.