A New PG-13 Version Of DEADPOOL 2 Hits Theaters In December

What the hell, why not?

According to Deadline, Fox is putting Deadpool 2 back in theaters this December, but it won't be the version of Deadpool 2 you know and love: this iteration of the film - which currently has no title - will be rated PG-13, and will allegedly feature new material/jokes/what-have-you.

In an apparent nod to this news, Ryan Reynolds tweeted out the following:

Yes, that's Deadpool reading what appears to be a Deadpool 2 picture book to Fred Savage, The Princess Bride style (if that's the framing device they're throwing on this thing, that's actually pretty clever). For those keeping score at home, we believe this will bring the total number of Deadpool 2's to three: the theatrical cut, the "Super Duper" extended cut and now the PG-13 version. If this goes on long enough, Fox might never have to make another Deadpool movie.

Social media seems to have worked itself into quite a tizzy over this news, but we're finding it hard to get too bent outta shape over the concept, what with, y'know, literally everything else going on in the world right now. In other words/l we'll allow it, and here's hoping the triple dip is worth it.

The Untitled Deadpool 2 PG-13 Cut hits theaters on December 21st.