Thank The Directors Of GOOD TIME For That Brett Kavanaugh / PULP FICTION Mashup

The Safdie Brothers believed survivors. They still believe survivors.

You've probably seen the exceptional and hilarious mashup of Pulp Fiction's "Brett" scene and the equally torturous "Brett" scene that transpired in the US Senate on Thursday. It's reached stratospheric levels of virality on all social media. Samuel L. Jackson even gave it his seal of approval on Twitter. But given that the Internet is the way it is, many ended up watching the viral clip and asking "who made this?" - with no individuals claiming credit.

The clip originated from the Instagram account of Elara Pictures - the production company that has produced several searing, empathetic, beloved indies including Good Time and Heaven Knows What. But it's only today we learned the full truth: according to IndieWire, the clip was made by Good Time directors Josh and Benny Safdie themselves. Holy shit!

It's all very funny (and a further example of the Safdie Brothers precise editing skills), but we can't stress enough the caveat Jackson pointed out in his tweet:

If you've noticed an air of anger and despair and craving for lightness around BMD over the last few days, it's because we're just as horrified as you are. Seeing yet another sexual assault survivor's testimony being swept aside to pave the way for yet another successful man's ascent to power is crushing; seeing it unfold on live television is downright jaw-dropping.

Brett Kavanaugh's lies and privilege were as infuriating as Christine Blasey Ford's truth and self-affacement were heartbreaking. Even if Kavanaugh genuinely doesn't remember committing the acts of which he's accused (which is possible), he still clearly lied and deflected under oath about numerous details, with senators apparently unwilling to press him on his inconsistencies. At this stage, it looks like he's going to get away with it, as people in his position almost always do.

At least we got a few laughs from the Safdies' video though, right?

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