Everyone Gets High In First ROCKETMAN Teaser Trailer

This actually looks good!

It was always difficult to imagine how Taron Egerton would pull off a performance as ‘70s rocker Elton John. We got a good photo of him in costume the other day, but this first teaser for Rocketman makes it even more clear that somehow he was the right choice for the role. Check it out:

My barometer for musical biopics is whether or not I can still take one seriously after watching this:

The Bohemian Rhapsody trailer, for instance, does not pass this test. Rocketman kind of does, if only for the slight touches of magical realism we see here. The film could ultimately be another self-serious entry in the subgenre, but so far it looks like it’s trying for something a bit more unique.

We won’t find out anytime soon. This sucker isn’t coming out until next summer. (May 17 to be exact.) In the meantime, let's all hope Shatner gets his due in the film.