Does Anyone Know Where This New HELLBOY Poster Debuted?

We're having trouble sourcing this one.

An impressive new poster for Neil Marshall's Hellboy just arrived. Take a look:

As you can see, everything's in its right place (the shredded torso, that patented glare, the Right Hand of Doom, a tagline correctly declaring Hellboy "legendary as fuck"), alongside a few new additions (the uncut horns, that big-ass sword). Seems like the fire effects coulda used an extra pass with the digital paintbrush, but everything else here is so good we're not gonna spend too much time worrying about it. This is a solid Hellboy poster.

Also, look, while we're here: we've seen some complaints about the gigantic EW watermark in the top-right corner of this image, but that's just how the game's played, folks! And besides, it could've been so much worse: BMD was originally approached about revealing this one-sheet, only to be denied after the studio said our watermark was "too aggressive".

You can judge for yourselves below.

Like it says on the poster, Hellboy arrives on April 12th. Stay tuned for many, many more updates between now and then.