VICE Tease Offers First Looks At Christian Bale’s Dick Cheney

It’s about what you’d expect.

What is Christian Bale’s default body like? Maybe he never had one. We’ll never know as the guy keeps shifting to meet different roles. Sometimes he’s muscular, sometimes he’s skinny, sometimes he’s heavy. In this one he’s bald.

Tomorrow brings us the first trailer for Vice, Bale and Adam McKay’s Dick Cheney biopic. While such a wait is surely horrific and excruciating, we do have a brief teaser and some photos to tide us over.

First the photos:

And here’s the teaser:

As you can see, Christian Bale does indeed look a little like Dick Cheney. He’ll be in direct competition with Richard Dreyfuss’ version from W, though I wonder how many people still remember that film.

In any case, we’ll have more to say about Vice when the trailer hits tomorrow. In the meantime, check out that dreamboat.