WHEEL OF TIME Finally Finds A Home At Amazon

Where it will still have to compete with LORD OF THE RINGS, poor darling.

Ah, Wheel of Time. That monumental book series I’ve looked at my entire life but never made myself read. Is it because it always struck me as looking somewhat generic? Or perhaps the number of books turned me off? Maybe it was the knowledge that the last few books were written after the death of original author Robert Jordan. Whatever the reason, this is one fantasy series I never got around to.

Nevertheless, the following news is still going to excite many. Amazon has ordered an adaptation of the books to series, written and run by Agents of SHIELD’s Rafe Judkins.

This leads to a lot of automatic questions. How much will the show deviate from the books? Will they attempt to adapt all 14 novels? Will the show get canceled early on for being too nerdy? Will Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series get in its way?

No way to know until things start rolling along. People will be hungry for this stuff when Game of Thrones ends (though its spinoffs will probably help with that), and folks seem a lot more eager to let wacky magic and dragons and whatnot into their hearts these days. More than anything, I just hope people who adore this series are served well by its adaptation, whenever it finally comes together.