Kenneth Branagh’s Already Fantastic DEATH ON THE NILE Cast Adds Armie Hammer

This movie is going to be a blast.

It’s good enough news that Kenneth Branagh will be making a sequel to Murder on the Orient Express, one of the more surprising great times I’ve had in a theater in years. For real, I was simply dreading the movie and came away adoring it, mostly thanks to Branagh’s endearingly vain portrayal of Hercule Poirot. To be quite honest, I don’t even need him solving mysteries. He could just chuckle at his Dickens for two hours, and I’d be quite pleased.

But I guess other people need to see him solve a crime. And that’s exactly what he’ll do next year in Death on the Nile. To do that, he’ll need a cast of course, and this one already has a whopper. Gal Gadot has already been cast and now she’s joined by the dashing Armie Hammer, who has really been on a winning streak lately.

I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to Agatha Christie novels, but given the nature of Orient Express’ crime, I doubt this one will have such a giant cast. On the other hand, this one also lacks such a famous ending, which means I might actually be surprised by the story this time. In any case, I cannot wait to see Gadot and Hammer go toe-to-toe with Branagh. Unfortunately, I will have to do just that until December 2019.