The VICE Trailer Is Here And Looks Pretty Great

Christian Bale finds his inner Cheney.

As promised, today brings us the first trailer for Vice, which finally answers the question “How in the hell is Christian Bale believably going to play Dick Cheney?” Check it out:

It looks good! Adam McKay is continuing his progression into David O. Russell and he’s done an interesting job casting people we know as other people we know. Steve Carell as Rumsfeld is a left-field choice I’m still not sure I understand, but I have faith it’ll work in the film as a whole. He just seems too kind and pure to play such a guy. Bale, on the other hand, doesn’t have that problem. And I’m basically here all day for Sam Rockwell’s Bush impression.

This comes out December 25, which puts it in competition with a bunch of other movies. Hopefully it doesn’t get overlooked. I feel like people could use a reminder of what the Bush years were actually like for many of us.