Big, Bald, Beautiful: Here’s A Romantic Set Photo From HOBBS AND SHAW

Just kiss already, y'all.

According to Leigh, Venom is more than a little gay, which is great, because I always wanted to watch Tom Hardy engage in an onscreen relationship with a (possibly male) alien symbiote. 

So, now it's time for the rest of our mainstream blockbusters to just stop messing around with their own male romances and get freaky with it. First up: Hobbs and Shaw, which just had another set photo shared by star Dwayne Johnson, where his hulking mass of sensual bacon, Luke Hobbs, stares longingly into the eyes of his iconic former adversary-come-new lover, Deckard Shaw (played with trademark erotic baldness by Jason Statham). Take a look: ​


In reality, no sex (or even smooches) will probably be had between the leads of Hobbs and Shaw. However, if Atomic Blonde director David Leitch is able to deliver something approaching a Walter Hill style team-up film between two dudes who pretty much hate each other (think: the Fast & Furious answer to 48 Hrs.) but have to put their differences aside to stop a common enemy, then we're probably cooking with gas. 

Guess we'll find out on August 2, 2019, when these two break out the baby oil together once again.