The Gods Have Gifted Us With A Live-Action Lobo, And He Is Divine

Oh boy.

There is a show on Syfy called Krypton, which focuses on Superman's planet before it blew up. I haven’t seen it, but season one apparently found ways to bring characters like Brainiac and Doomsday into things even though Superman isn’t on the show (or maybe he is as a baby, I dunno).

Now season two is coming. And with it, fucking Lobo. We’ve been threatened with a live-action Lobo for a while, presumably in a feature film of some sort. Instead this show got there first. The results are… they are about what you’d expect:

Lobo will be played by Emmett J. Scanlan. Maybe he looks better in context. Maybe he’ll be cooler when we hear him speak. Maybe Trump will resign. A whole lot of things could be possible.

Goddammit, the skull crotch.

You’ll get your chance to see this very bad boy in action sometime in 2019. Good luck.