Check Out A Toe-Tappin’ Clip From ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE

Your new favourite Christmas high school zombie musical unleashes its first song.

If you’ve been paying attention to BMD over the last twelve months, you’ve likely noticed we’re absolutely in love with a little film called Anna and the Apocalypse. It’s a Scottish high school zombie Christmas musical, and if that hasn’t sold you on it, it’s best we part ways here. You don’t even have to leave an “I’m not interested in this” comment.

Today, Orion debuted the first clip from the film: the song “Hollywood Ending,” which - though it takes place before the zombie apocalypse goes down - gives a strong taste of the film’s characterisation*, lust for life, slick pop musicality, sense of humour, and complete and utter lack of cynicism. Check it out, and try to follow the action, rather than the onscreen lyrics (which don’t appear in the film, thank Christ):

“Hollywood Ending” is far from the only earworm in Anna, but it’s one of the best. Both times I’ve seen the movie, I’ve ended up quietly singing this and other songs to myself on the way home. I also had the distinct pleasure of seeing the film’s cast and director singing it live on the Highball stage at Fantastic Fest. Like the movie itself, it’s bright and joyful and pure, and Lord knows we could use more of that these days.

Anna and the Apocalypse opens in limited release November 30th, followed by a nationwide expansion a week later. Trust me: you’re going to want to see this, and if you’ve got any taste, you’ll want to buy the soundtrack the moment the credits start rolling.

* The one main character missing from the scene is Sarah Swire’s badass American student Steph - and that’s only because this is one of the film’s more dance-heavy numbers, and Swire also served as choreographer. Otherwise, you probably get a good idea of who the key folks are here from their triple-threat stylings. And yes, that is Game of Thrones' Thoros of Myr as the school principal.