New MORTAL ENGINES Trailer Actually Looks Like A Movie

It’s amazing what some plot context will do.

Our first looks at Mortal Engines, a film marketed as the next from Peter Jackson even though it’s actually directed by Christian Rivers, made a lot of hay out from the film’s central gimmick - big ass mobile cities. While that might potentially be a cool idea, it doesn’t matter much if there’s no story around it.

This new trailer attempts to fix that problem, offering some context for the film’s main character and conflict. Check it out:

This isn’t quite enough to get me excited for the film, but the extra information is appreciated. It looks like there’s going to be some kind of cool monster guy at the end, which got my excitement going for a moment. Nevertheless, I’m not going to be sold on this one until people finally start seeing it and reporting back. That probably won’t happen for a bit as the film isn’t coming out until December 14.

What do you all think? Is this one you’re looking forward to?