Take A Look Inside Birth.Movies.Death.‘s HALLOWEEN Issue

We've got a few copies left, if you haven't snagged one already!

Halloween is coming soon. Get your tickets here!

If you haven't already picked up your copy of our Halloween issue yet, guess what? The time has come to pull the trigger! Just look at how cool this thing is:

Copies of this issue of the magazine were available to Fantastic Fest attendees in Austin a few weeks ago, and lemme tell you: this thing looks absolutely stunning in person (it is, without question, my favorite BMD mag cover). And if gorgeous aesthetics ain't your thing, I've got good news: it's also filled with some truly awesome writing, exclusive interviews, and unique deep-dives into some of Halloween's lesser-known corners. 

Inside you'll find...

  • Exclusive interviews with Halloween directors John Carpenter and David Gordon Green
  • An exclusive interview with Halloween’s reigning scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis
  • An investigation into the Halloween Atari game
  • Character essays on Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis
  • A deep-dive into the many (MANY) rip-offs that followed in the wake of Halloween's success
  • A look at the cinematography of the legendary Dean Cundy
  • A giant spread showcasing some of Mondo’s greatest Halloween posters

As you can see in the video above (kind of, we admittedly flipped through it fairly quickly), it's a sharp-looking package, and a must-have for anyone who identifies as a Halloween fan. Get yours here while the getting's good, and don't forget: David Gordon Green's Halloween hits theaters on October 19th.