Prepare To Get BODIED With A Searing New Trailer

Ha ha! White people.

Tim League, founder and CEO of Birth.Movies.Death.’s parent company Alamo Drafthouse, is a co-founder of NEON.

Bodied was indisputably one of our favourite movies from Fantastic Fest 2017. Both Siddhant and Jacob gave it intensely positive reviews, and it made my Top 20 of the year. Scratch that: it made my top two of the year, because it's that damn good. Its staggeringly multifaceted examination of racism, wokeness, privilege, friendship, and language - all wrapped in a hyper-kinetic, hilarious, even emotional battle-rap sports movie - is just the shot in the arm cinema needs to get on a regular basis. Having seen it again at Fantasia this year, I can also confirm Bodied is maybe even more vital in 2018 than it was a year prior.

Today, distributor YouTube Red and director Joseph Kahn (Detention, all those Taylor Swift videos) dropped a pair of new trailers to finally give the public a look at the kind of movie it's in store for. Let's start with the red-band trailer, which we warn you has a highly NSFW audio track:

Amazing. If you need something a little more SFW ( isn't really SFW), here's the green-band version:

So...yeah, that looks about as wild and provocative as you'd hope to expect from Kahn (despite being was asked last week to recut the trailer to be "safer"). The red-band is actually a shockingly strong representation of the movie, communicating its brutal, furious, hilarious social commentary - although the complete film has more complexity and a lot more profanity. In some ways, it's literally a movie about profanity, so let that description be your guide.

Bodied is primarily being released by YouTube Red, but our friends at NEON are bringing it to the big screen in limited release on November 2nd. You pumped? We're pumped. Y'all have no idea what you're in for.