Good Grief, Now Michael Shannon Might be Joining KNIVES OUT

Are we being made fun of somehow?

It has been quite a day for both Knives Out and Michael Shannon. Earlier we learned that Lakeith Stanfield was joining the former, and we got to see the latter’s badass new mustache in the first trailer for The Little Drummer Girl.

Gang, that should be plenty. But nope. Now the two are coming together in a report from Variety that claims Shannon is in talks to join the cast of Knives Out. I mean, it’s almost not fair. Give us a chance to choose whether we want to see this movie or not, Rian Johnson. You can’t just keep stacking the cast like this. It’s cheating, or in the very least unfair to other movies. I’m beginning to see why all those Russian robots don’t like you.

In any case, this is excellent news. Of course we were going to see Knives Out anyway, but now how can we not? As with much of the film, we don’t have any details on what Michael Shannon would be doing yet, but one can only hope that he’s at least one of the people with a knife out.

As usual, we’ll keep you informed on any more Knives Out news that comes out between now and its Target exclusive steelbook release.