Michael Peña Will Play Mr. Roarke In Blumhouse’s FANTASY ISLAND Film

Can he live up to Montalban? Can anyone?

Earlier today, as a total coincidence, I happened upon old wrestling footage of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper greeting Danny DeVito simply with a dismissive “Oh, ze planes”. A dick move, but he was a villain after all. The point is, having Fantasy Island randomly come up twice in one day is really weird.

Although maybe it’s not so weird given that Blumhouse is doing a feature film version of the classic show, and we should probably get used to hearing about Fantasy Island more often in our everyday life. This is all a preamble to the fact that the film’s Mr. Roarke has been cast. According to THR, he will be played by Michael Peña.

This is fine. The character was originally played by the charming and incomparable Ricardo Montalban. I highly doubt Peña will try to do an impression of that performance, so it’s nice to know they’re doing something new and fresh with the character. And who doesn’t love Michael Peña?

The film, which will be about an island people visit to have their fantasies come true (though maybe not in the way they expect) will be directed by Truth or Dare’s Jeff Wadlow. Now we just need to know who is playing Tattoo (especially since Peter Dinklage is already playing Hervé Villechaize in a biopic coming later this year).