RAMBO 5 Begins Casting, Starting With Paz Vega

Vega and Rambo will team up to take down Mexican drug cartels.

It is really happening. Last week, we were blessed with some bizarre images of Cowboy John Rambo as production began on Rambo 5. Now we’re hearing about non-Stallone cast members.

Starting with Paz Vega! The actress will play a character named Carmen Delgado, a reporter who helps Rambo with his big-ass kill spree (one hopes). The plot of this one finds Rambo fighting off a Mexican drug cartel when they kidnap the daughter of one of his pals (Rambo has pals?). Delgado will apparently be the kidnap victim’s half-sister. To find out why she is not a full-sister, I guess we have to see the film.

Which of course I am aching to do! Rambo 5: Last Blood has no chance but to be one of my most anticipated movies, so at this point I could really care less what it is about or who is in it. That’s all gravy. If you told me it was just about how Rambo takes care of his cows, I would still have a ticket day one. In fact, I kind of wish that’s what it was about.

In the meantime, we will keep our ears to the ground on this one. Both of them at the same time. We will find a way to make it possible.