Nothing Means Anything Anymore: James Gunn May Write And Direct SUICIDE SQUAD 2

This is how you give Disney the middle finger.

Holy shit.

For real, holy shit.

According to The Wrap, James Gunn may write and direct Suicide Squad 2.

This means a lot of things.

For one, it means Warner Bros kicked Gavin O’Conner to the curb. I feel a little bad for him because, I dunno, dude made The Accountant.

For two, it means Warner Bros seized on an opportunity created by Disney caving to right wing jerks.

For three (and this is the big one) it means Suicide Squad 2, a sequel to one of the most incomprehensible tentpoles I’ve ever seen, might be good.

Look, if Disney’s just going to throw the guy away, fair game. I say go for it. And the idea of what James Gunn could do with that cast is kind of out of this world. I am for it. But I also feel bad about it, too. Instead of making Guardians of the Galaxy 3, which is where his heart is, Gunn’s going to be making really great pipe cleaner art from dumpster artifacts. It will likely be good. But it’s probably not what he initially got out of bed for.

I guess it’s about as interesting an ending as this story is going to get. Good luck, James Gunn.