Sometimes Dead Is Better: Here’s The First One Sheet For PET SEMATARY

Grab the shovel, we're headed back to the old Micmac burial ground.

Pet Sematary always creeped the crap out of me.

Even without the undead weirdness (or Zelda's crooked spine), the mere visual of this janky, hand-marked wasteland of dead pets' final resting places unsettled my young mind. So, the fact that this is one of the first properties to be resurrected (pun totally intended) in this new era of Stephen King cinematic adaptations doesn't really surprise me at all. There's something innately upsetting about even the basic imagery King tapped into with a text that even his wife didn't want him to publish. 

The '89 version was a VHS staple for many horror kids of a certain generation, and now the directing duo behind Starry Eyes (Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch) are bringing the story back for a new set of weirdos. Ahead of tomorrow's first trailer, this revived version of Pet Sematary has released a rather stark one sheet for you to feast your eyes upon. 

Take a look: 

Evan got to visit the set of this highly anticipated spook show, so expect a bunch more from him in the very near future. Personally, I just want to know if John Lithgow tries to match Fred Gwynne's wild Maine accent from the first iteration. 

Pet Sematary unearths itself in theaters April 5th, 2019.