SUSPIRIA Continues Wacky Streak With New Posters

They are accurately weird.

I saw Suspiria at Fantastic Fest, and while I’m not an authority on the original (though I do like it!), I super loved the film and can’t wait to see it again. Luca Guadagnino’s take on the material is visceral, exciting and layered in a way that makes multiples watches a pleasurable necessity. It’s also super duper weird, which makes its ad campaign thus far fairly suitable.

Which brings me to today’s posters. It’s actually the same poster with two different color schemes. Which colors am I talking about? Well, check them out right now!

When it comes to appealing to everyday folks, Suspiria DGAF, and I kind of love it. These posters, with their Saul Bass inspired designs, actually do suit the film, but they’re both also ALL design, which probably won’t appeal to Mom & Pop. But then again, I kind of doubt anything in the movie will, so go for broke!

Suspiria comes out October 26. For real, it is awesome. Don’t worry about that running time. It goes by super fast.