Austin! Help Us Sell Out DEAD HEAT With Joe Bob Briggs This Weekend!

Come watch everyone's favorite redneck movie historian talk zombie cops and make fun of Jacob!

For me, 2018 has been the Year of the Redneck.

Joe Bob Briggs' return to the airwaves (via Shudder's The Last Drive-In) was one of the most memorable times I've ever had watching movies, as a collective of horror nerds crashed the streaming venue's servers, due to us all logging on at once to hear what the former MonsterVision and Drive-In Theater host had picked for his 24-Hour marathon. It was a hoot once we got over the tech difficulties. 

I got to interview Joe Bob for the event, and it was one of the better conversations I've ever experienced during my short professional career writing about movies. Then, I got to go hang out on set with him on a small indie movie that was shooting here in Austin (which you'll be hearing about more very soon). Now, I'm co-hosting a 35mm screening of Dead Heat here in ATX with Briggs coming in and doing the thing he does best (wax Southern about trash cinema).

If you've never seen Mark Goldblatt's wacky '88 cult classic, Joe Piscopo (yes, that one from SNL - as if there were any other) and Treat Williams are cops chasing down zombie crooks running rampant in LA. It's basically a Shane Black buddy cop knock-off where one of the detectives becomes a member of the undead and Vincent Price (in one of his final screen roles) plays a mad scientist. If that doesn't sound great to you, check your pulse. 

There are a few tickets left for the screening this Sunday, October 14th at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz. Come see me ask Joe Bob goofy questions after the movie, where he'll no doubt make fun of me and then drop a whole bunch of trailer park knowledge on our asses. It's gonna be great!