Dave Bautista To Likely Book A Trip To FANTASY ISLAND

The tone of this one is starting to become more clear.

The cast of Fantasy Island is starting to come together in a big way. We already learned about Michael Peña joining as a lead. It also came out that Silicon Valley’s Jimmy O. Yang would join the film as a visitor to the island.

Now we learn from THR that Dave Bautista is in talks to join the film as well. He’s not a done deal yet, but if he does join, he’ll play a guy who has been stuck on the island and wants to get its secrets out.

With this comes a plot synopsis that offers a bit more of what we can expect from this Blumhouse iteration of the story:

The feature project is described as being a tonal mix of Westworld meets Cabin in the Woods, centering on a group of contest winners who arrive at an island hotel to live out their dreams, only to find themselves trapped in nightmare scenarios.  

So… a bit different than the television show.

I imagine we’ll be getting a bunch more Fantasy Island news soon as this cast continues to grow. With each new addition, it’s definitely becoming a more curious project that I’m excited to hear about.