Trailer For THE NIGHT COMES FOR US Kills Everything In Its Path

Inject this mayhem straight into our veins.

The Night Comes For Us is my favorite film of 2018. Full stop. No qualifications needed. If you told me it was playing at a theater near me in fifteen minutes, I'd drop whatever I was currently doing in order to catch it. The movie's just that damn thrilling. 

Thankfully, Netflix is releasing Timo Tjahjanto's gory, hyper-violent romp October 19th. So, you're going to have to take a break from your Halloween horror movie viewing for at least two hours. Truthfully, you could almost make an argument to include the Iko Uwais/Joe Taslim showdown in your personal "31 Days of Horror", as the levels of splatter contained in The Night Comes For Us is straight up insane (Evan rightly labeled it "action cinema's Dead Alive"). 

Now, there's a trailer that lets you briefly glimpse the movie's madness, but even this two-minute spot can't quite do it justice.

Take a look:

Folks, there is an extended fight set piece near the end of The Night that essentially re-envisions Johnnie To's The Heroic Trio, only it lets all three superwomen try and brutally murder each other for roughly ten straight minutes (and that's not even the picture's best scene). Ever since viewing it twice at this year's Fantastic Fest, I keep thinking back on individual sequences and grinning ear-to-ear. I love, love, love this damn movie.

So please, join me next Friday in celebrating utter chaos, when The Night Comes For Us hits Netflix. You will not regret it.