Composer Podcast: Cliff Martinez Enjoys His Stay At HOTEL ARTEMIS

Cliff Martinez checks into Hotel Artemis, but does he ever leave?

I’m a huge fan of Cliff Martinez. I believe he’s one of the leading innovators in his field and is constantly pushing the boundaries of electronic music in cinema. He’s a composer whom I’ve respected for many years and have high expectations for each time I dive into a new film score of his. What makes him exceptional is that even though my expectations are high, he routinely surpasses them. 

Hotel Artemis is the latest from Martinez and it doesn’t disappoint. Dark, brooding, moody, pulsing, and emotional, Martinez’s music is an awesome spin when you’re looking for that perfect introspective music to rescue you from the realities of life. 

Tony Giles of the Damn Fine Cast and Lakeshore Records has offered us another composer podcast; however, this time, Aaron Vehling is doing the interviewing. Aaron gives us a dense half-hour conversation with the composer talking about his stay at Hotel Artemis. Cliff always has great stories to tell and isn’t afraid to let people in to his compositional process. 

The score is available at Lakeshore Records. Pick up one or the other today, it’s a fantastic score!


Click here to listen!