Halloween Triumphant: Listen To Another Track From John Carpenter’s New Slasher Score

An extended melody of familiar murder themes...that you can dance to!

Halloween is out this week. Russ loved it. Brian's into it. I enjoyed it, but have reservations.

One thing we all agree upon is that the new score by John Carpenter BANGS. Essentially, it's the classic Halloween piano/synth themes, filtered through electronic dance music (there's a four-to-the-floor time signature a few of the tracks own that's straight-up infectious), with a bit of Carpenter's Rock God fantasy injected into the proceedings for good measure. Recorded by Carpenter with his son Cody and bandmate Daniel Davies, the new OST feels more related to the Horror Master's Lost Themes records than it does to his original soundtrack recordings. 

We've already heard "The Shape Returns" (the first track released off the upcoming album), and now comes "Halloween Triumphant", which is essentially a seven-minute melody of a bunch of recurring sonic motifs you hear in the movie. As far as samplers go, this is a pretty solid collection of what to expect to hear when you sit down with David Gordon Green's Halloween

Take a listen:

The ringing guitars are what surprised me most when I heard them for the first time in the movie. Carpenter & Co. are just going for it with these tracks, and we're all the better for it.

Halloween hits theaters this Friday, October 19th, and the record releases the same day. Prepare your eardrums for slaughter.