The ELSEWORLDS Poster Switches Things Up

His name is Oliver Queen and he's... the fastest man alive?

It’s been a week for superhero content on the CW Network. We’ve seen most of our favorite shows return (waitin’ on you, Legends), and Stephen Amell just can’t seem to stop dropping hints for the Arrowverse’s big crossover. That’s not a complaint, big guy. Keep ‘em coming!

So far we’ve seen a black-suited Superman, hints at a mystery character that will be dropping by in this other world, and today we’ve got ourselves a shiny new poster that gives us a little bit of context as to where we’re headed. 

Obviously you’ve got some questions. Us, too! But, in the meantime, let’s just take a second to think about what this means for Elseworlds. Barry Allen and Oliver Queen are two heroes made up of vastly different stuff, but what will happen when the cynic and the optimist have to walk a mile in each others’ shoes? Hopefully the crossover won’t spend too much time rehashing traded origins, but if Barry and Oliver are flip-flopped, who else will be playing a different role in the crossover event? 

We know that Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) and Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) will be playing their own respective roles at least once throughout the crossover, so we’ve got to wonder just how much this alternate reality is going to come into play. The Elseworlds comic take place in an alternate reality, giving us stories like Gotham by Gaslight and the Teen Titans Swingin’ Elseworlds Special, so we’re excited to find out just how much weird we’re going to have on our hands in December!

Clearly, we welcome your wild speculation below!