You’re Never Gonna Believe This, But The FLASH Movie’s Been Delayed Again

In which WB bumps the red speedster's solo film into 2021.

To put it mildly, things at the DCU have been fluid for a while now.

Multiple Joker movies. A big, fat question mark hanging over Matt Reeves' The Batman. Confusion as to whether or not Henry Cavill is still Superman. And then there's the Flash solo movie, which has undergone a parade of regime changes and delays since first being announced back in 2015. 

Last we'd heard, The Flash was headed our way via directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. A firm release date wasn't announced, but we all assumed - given the timing of the announcement, and everything else WB has on their plate - that the film would likely arrive sometime in the back half of 2020. 

Well, not so much! According to Variety (via Deadline), production on the Flash movie won't begin until "late next year", with a presumed theatrical release sometime in 2021. For those keeping score at home, that's three years from now.

Here's a few further details:

"The Flash solo film has never secured an official green-light status and studio sources point out that no official release date has ever been announced. But those same studio sources confirmed Monday that a finish line in 2021 was not the target they had hoped for — in relatively recent discussions their best-case scenario had been a March 2019 start-date for filming. Now they say that is simply too impractical due to scheduling conflicts."

Yes, as it turns out, presumed The Flash star Ezra Miller will be busy working on the third Fantastic Beasts movie in July, rendering that March 2019 start date unworkable. The plan now is for him to move on to The Flash once work's completed on that film, where Miller plays (checks notes) "Credence Barebone". Right.

Anyway, none of this is terribly surprising - it is, in fact, par for the course on this project - but we figured you'd like to know, anyway. Stay tuned for further updates on The Flash as they become available.