Michael B. Jordan To Hopefully Give Us The Black John Wick With THE SILVER BEAR

Fast forward to us watching the shit out of this.

Michael B. Jordan is a superstar, but we already knew that.

However, watching him grow into one of the biggest names in the world of mainstream entertainment has been an utter joy to behold for anyone who fell in love with the actor on Friday Night Lights, or had their hearts broken by Wallace's fate on The Wire

Now, on top of getting cast as the new John Clark in an upcoming Tom Clancy franchise (which is said to start with Without Remorse and include Rainbow Six), Jordan has signed on to produce and star in The Silver Bear, which is based on the book series from Wanted and 3:10 To Yuma script man Derek Haas. Deadline broke the news, describing the project as: 

"...the formative story of a man who becomes the most feared and respected hit man in the criminal underworld."

The screenplay for The Silver Bear is penned by Frank Baldwin (The Godmother), and is said to be viewed by Lionsgate as a potential franchise-starter, as Haas' ongoing novels (which follow death-dealer, Columbus) see him continuing his adventures, becoming:

 "...a killer who is so effective he becomes what Russian criminals call a silver bear: he never fails, and he seems immune to the stresses of his work. But he comes up against his own nightmarish origins when he takes on the job of killing the Speaker of the House, who is also a leading presidential candidate—and Columbus’ father."

There's no word on a director for the project yet, or whether this comes before or after his turn as John Clark, but we are all-in for a hitman action movie with Michael B. Jordan. I mean, come on, who wouldn't want to see Baby Creed remorselessly kill people for money?