You Never Know Anyone: Here’s The Trailer And Poster For THE CLOVEHITCH KILLER

This indie serial killer docudrama delivers an odd, upsetting performance from Dylan McDermott.

I got to see The Clovehitch Killer around the time it premiered at the LA Film Fest, and enjoyed debut director Duncan Skiles' rather chilly docudrama about a serial strangler in Nowheresville, USA. Skiles' film very precisely chronicles the coming of age of an anonymous teenager, Tyler (Charlie Plummer), who slowly suspects his pudgy, Scoutmaster father (Dylan McDermott, totally transforming himself into a proud papa archetype) of being his hometown's legendary killer: 

"...what makes Duncan Skiles' slow burn horror movie a familiar but engrossing experience is the fact that the central mystery often takes a backseat – at least during the film's pensive and unsettling first half – to watching Tyler continue to try and maintain a normal relationship with his father, despite discovering a stack of bondage porn and bloody photos in his pop's private shed. [His dad] senses that something isn't quite right with the boy and, after Tyler uncovers even more damning evidence in their suburban home's crawlspace, addresses it directly instead of shying away. Yes, what the kid found is certainly involved with a crime, but it's not what he thinks it is. His dad's just trying to help the family's invalid uncle, who fostered some rather dark urges and may have acted upon them. But Uncle Rudy's in a wheelchair these days, and doesn't even speak. What good would it do to go to the cops now that the man couldn’t possibly hurt anyone? "

Now, IFC has released a trailer for the movie, which captures its remote approach to the horrific melodrama at hand. Take a look: 

In addition to the above, BMD got lucky and landed the exclusive poster premiere for The Clovehitch Killer, which showcases some rather striking imagery:

I have an interview with Duncan Skiles coming, which will hit right around the movie's theatrical and VOD release date of November 16th. So, keep your eyes peeled for that chat after you take this rather unsettling vision of America in. The Clovehitch Killer is a solid little slice of indie horror well worth your time, so don't miss it.