This is our kind of ridiculousness.

We receive many, many unsolicited emails regarding Kickstarter projects here at Birth.Movies.Death. Folks wanting to make a movie, folks wanting to launch their own comic book, folks hoping to corner the market on camping gear adorned with lo-res photos of your favorite Willow characters. We receive so many of these emails, in fact, that it's impossible to keep up with them. This has led to BMD establishing a not-entirely-concrete policy of simply not covering Kickstarter campaigns. You understand.

But every once in a while, an email comes in about a Kickstarter project that's so entertaining, we have no choice but to sit up, pay attention and pass along word to our readers. Such is the case today, with Jez Burrows' And Introducing: A Journey to the End of the Cast List.

The email we received read as follows:

"For the past two years I've been collecting questionable or unfortunate credits for bit-part and background characters, and now I'm kickstarting a book of them."

Naturally, I thought: "...what?"

So I followed the link, and watched Burrows' campaign video...

...and yes, this is absolutely something I want to share with the BMD readership.

This Kickstarter checks all my boxes: is it ridiculous? Yes. Am I left confused as to why anyone would take the time to do this? Yes. Is the thing itself something I would enjoy having in my own home, to proudly spring upon unsuspecting dinner guests as a means for creating confusion? Oh, very much so. You may feel differently, of course, but then - you're not answering BMD's emails today. So here we are.

Here's more on the project, via the And Introducing Kickstarter page:

And Introducing is an art book that collects over 2,500 unlikely, unfortunate, or unintelligible casting credits from almost a century of cinema history. Or at least, it will be—with your help! [dramatic musical sting] 

From 'Exuberant Mourner' (Analyze This) to 'Arthritic Cowboy' (Who Framed Roger Rabbit), 'Sad Woman with Horns' (Guardians of the Galaxy) to 'Man Shot in Head 3' (The ABCs of Death), movie history is replete with curiously named characters bringing up the rear of the cast list. And Introducing is a survey of those bit-part and background character credits, organising them into almost 100 categories—some predictable (men, women, bystanders, henchmen) and some more surprising (screaming characters, toothless characters, characters whose names are simply their one line of dialogue). 

An accompanying essay will explore the people and circumstances responsible for these credits, featuring input from screenwriters, casting directors, and actors.

A minimum five-dollar pledge will buy you updates about the project, along with a credit on Thirty bucks will get you the updates, the credit, a physical copy of the book and a handwritten postcard. Further rewards await those of you wishing to kick in even more money, and you can read all about those over on And Introducing's Kickstarter page. I highly recommend that you do, too, because the entire listing is just as funny as the campaign video above. 

Good luck to Jez Burrows on this one. Nothing'd make me happier than to know that hardback copies of And Introducing are out there in the world, making things just a little bit weirder for everyone.