Check Out The Killer Cover Of Mallory O’Meara’s THE LADY FROM THE BLACK LAGOON

A new book will tell the tragically timely tale of Milicent Patrick, the woman who created the CREATURE.

Jack Arnold's The Creature From The Black Lagoon has long been one of my favorite creature features, a fact frequent readers of the site will recall me mentioning on (let's face it) an exhaustive number of occasions. Something about that poor Gill-Man - whose inherent dislike of humanity is at odds with the romance in his heart - has always resonated with me. It's a tragic tale, one matched only by the tragedy of the story behind the film.

That'd be the saga of Milicent Patrick, the brilliant special-effects artist who designed the Creature's iconic look. I've relayed the depressing particulars of Patrick's story here on the site before, but now screenwriter, genre film producer, and Creature expert Mallory O'Meara has gone and written an entire book about her, one which will surely resonate with anyone who's been paying attention in the #MeToo era. 

Today, we're thrilled to be getting our first look at its gorgeous cover art, featuring an illustrating by Matt Buck and a final design by Erin Craig. 

Now that is some seriously great cover art.

Titled The Lady from the Black Lagoon: Hollywood Monsters and the Lost Legacy of Milicent Patrick, O'Meara's book will (according to Bustle, who debuted the cover art above) "intersperse [the author's] own experiences in Hollywood with the story of Milicent for an expansive examination of how women in cinema are undermined, uncredited, harassed, and ultimately, forgotten." Oh, yeah. We cannot wait to read this. 

Speaking of which, you can head on over to Bustle now to read an excerpt from the introduction of O'Meara's book, or you can just skip the dance entirely and head straight on down to the Amazon link below to pre-order your own copy, which arrives on March 5th. We'll have a full review - and maybe a few more interesting goodies! - to share with you around that time. 

Stay tuned, Creature fans.