Hear An Actual 1979 Audience React To John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN

In which Hollywood Boulevard goes bananas for Michael Myers.

Ever wonder what theaters sounded like during the initial run of John Carpenter's Halloween, as audiences were essentially experiencing one of the true classics of the horror genre for the first time? 

Well, wonder no more, as YouTube user Kyle J. Wood took 1979 audio (apparently recorded in a Hollywood Boulevard theater, which would've been roughly a year after Halloween originally hit the drive-in circuit) and synced it up to the home video release. Then, YT member JazzyUte took that first experiment and re-synced the audio to remastered footage. It's a pretty cool approximation of what it must've been like to sit in that auditorium with those scared-shitless fright fans.

Take a look: 

Holy hell, that's pretty cool. Big ups to Daily Grindhouse's Twitter feed for the tip. Hopefully, a bunch of you hear similar reactions when you check out David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's direct sequel to Carpenter's original when it hits theaters this weekend.