Heeeeeeyyyyyyy It’s Yo Birthday!: Here’s The Poster For HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U


Happy Death Day was one of our favorite movies of 2017. Against all odds, the surreal slasher riff was funny, sexy, scary and just totally ruled. So, naturally, we're all in for the sequel Happy Death Day 2U. Apparently, there might already be a trailer floating around in theaters (but you'll have to go check out Halloween this weekend to confirm).

In the meantime, check out this sweet one-sheet for the upcoming sequel:

I don't know about you, but I want that damn cupcake. I don't even care if it's poisoned. For those who might've missed the news about the sequel:

"[Director Christopher] Landon says the sequel will fold the original back in on itself, Back To The Future II-style, with [Jessica] Rothe’s character trying to glean why she became trapped in the time loop in the first place. In all likelihood, she - or some other character - will end up dying, over and over again. The idea of the Happy Death Day sequel (series?) diving deeper into time-travel shenanigans is super exciting, and we can’t wait."

If you haven't seen Happy Death Day yet, you've got until Valentine's Day (February 14th, for you non-lovers out there) of 2019 to get caught up. All I personally want to know is if there's a new, super-great ringtone included for Rothe's character in HDD2U.