OPEN THREAD: Well, What’d You Think Of The New HALLOWEEN?

Here's your open thread for discussing Michael Myers' latest shenanigans.

Have you picked up your copy of BMD's Halloween issue yet? Better get while the getting's good.

If it seems like we've been talking about David Gordon Green's Halloween for months, it's because we have: a quick look at the BMD archives reveals that we've been hyped and rambling about this movie for almost a full year, and what a roller coaster it's been.

Today, the film finally hits theaters, where it's apparently on course to rake in something like $70M at the box office. If that prognostication turns out to be true, that'd give Green's film the second-highest box office opening ever for a horror movie, a truly remarkable achievement. 

The BMD crew's largely positive on the new Halloween, but - given how many of you are gonna end up seeing the film this weekend - we figured it'd be prudent to give you a specific place to discuss the film. Spoilers are not only allowed but encouraged in the space below (we're really curious to hear where you think they might take this franchise in the inevitable sequel), so be aware of that if you're reading this post without having seen the movie first.

Alright, gang. Here's your chance. Hit the comments below and let us know what you thought!