Let The Trailer For THE PRODIGY Hypnotize & Scare You

There's an old man inside this boy, just dying to get out.

I'd never heard of The Prodigy until this trailer dropped. But after seeing it, I'm totally on board with whatever's going on in this cold, still James Wan clone. I mean, Colm Feore is basically hypnotizing a ghost out of a little kid's (Jackson Robert Scott) body, which is enough to anoint this movie straight up franchise material. 

Take a look for yourself: 

Coming from the resurrected Orion Pictures (who also have the rather risky, weird, and overly whimsical zombie musical Anna & The Apocalypse coming later this year), I'm even more intrigued. Could this be a chilly sleeper come the dead months of 2019's first quarter? Lord, I hope so. Or, this could be enthusiasm from my recent Conjuring re-watches talking, too.

Guess we'll find out when The Prodigy hits theaters February 8th, 2019.