Shudder Wants You To Enter The VIDEO PALACE

Chase Williamson stars in a new podcast drama along with... our own BC!

Johnny Carson once noted that Chevy Chase "couldn't ad-lib a fart after a bean dinner", and it's a put-down I've applied to myself over the years, because I'm just as bad at any sort of improv. So I was a bit confused when Ben Rock asked me to be on his new podcast experience Video Palace, as it would require that very skill - it'd be like asking a mute to join a singing contest. But I guess I managed to give them something usable, as you'll hear me alongside folks like Steve Barton, Adam Green, and Sam Zimmerman as we're all interviewed by the podcast's host Mark Cambria. Now, me and those other guests are all playing ourselves, but if Cambria sounds familiar even though you don't recognize the name, it's because he's played by Chase Williamson from John Dies at the End and The Guest. 

So yes, it's a blend of reality and fictional storytelling (written by Rock and Bob Derosa, created by Nick Braccia and Michael Monello), concerning the mysterious "White Tapes" that Mark and his girlfriend Tamra have discovered, which not only have them talking in their sleep (in a language that seemingly doesn't exist) but also puts them neck-deep in an occult conspiracy that keeps pointing to the eponymous Video Palace, a legendary rental shop in Vermont. The series launched today, and you can/should subscribe on iTunes for new installments (weekly, I believe), but if you're one of those smart horror fans who subscribes to Shudder, you can access all of the episodes now, along with bonus installments featuring longer interviews with me, Sam, etc. Some other genre-friendly voices pop up as well, so keep your ears fine-tuned (or just check the credits) to find out who else joined in on the fun! 

Gotta say, Shudder is doing pretty much everything right these days - they're acquiring more and more classics to round out the library, while also acquiring original content and creating their own to boot, making it more and more essential for horror fans as time goes on. Here's hoping they do more things like this, which are not only inventive, but also easier to find time for than a two hour movie - the episodes are 20-30 minutes a piece, making them ideal for your commute or to listen to while making dinner or what not. And of course we are in the final few days leading up to Halloween, after which it is apparently illegal to do anything related to horror, so I hope you jump on board soon! And let me know how I did playing myself!