ARROW 7.02 Review “The Longbow Hunters”

Where's our Dinah and Laurel buddy cop show?

This post contains spoilers for Arrow.
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William’s addition to Arrow gave some audience members pause at first. Adding children into a storyline can throw things off the rails but, by and large, the introduction of Oliver’s son was a pretty solid decision. With that said, the flash forwards featuring an aged William on Lian Yu with uncle Roy might have been the first misstep with the character.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with the flash forwards. It’s an interesting change of pace for the show, and it’s great to hear that they’re adding another gay character. But William’s confession that Oliver and Felicity never came back for him after sending him to boarding school makes the prison arc prematurely stale. It’s nice that it’s not going to be Oliver in prison for a couple of episodes and then everything is A-OK, but the idea of dealing with Oliver and Felicity trying to get back to their son for the rest of the series already makes me want to take a nap.

Now, with that being said, there’s still plenty of stuff going on in season seven. The fabled Longbow Hunters finally joined the fray, and they’re looking pretty neat so far. Hopefully they’ll be able to spice up the Diaz situation without much issue. Their heist for the power supply acted as a nice showcase of powers while Team Arrow remains in splinters. While that splintering meant that most of the team wouldn't play with the hunters right off the bat, Laurel and Dinah did get to take a solid crack at Silencer.

Their unlikely tag team led to one of the show’s rare, solid, scenes between two female characters. Not every episode is going to pass the Bechdel Test, but Arrow has been notoriously lacking in this department. We’ve already talked about the high hopes with Beth Schwartz taking control of the ship in season seven, and I think we’ll keep seeing these small improvements as the show progresses.

The rift between Dig and Felicity was a struggle to watch, but we also got the reminder that they’ve been apart for five months. The two of them had to start separate lives with different priorities while making the right choices for their respective families. By the time the credits roll, they have respectfully agreed to disagree on their missions and let the other go their own way. While it’s a little sad to not see Original Team Arrow out there doing what they do in the wake of Oliver’s imprisonment, the new direction is at least fresh. We’ll undoubtedly see everyone come together for a common goal soon enough, with the disagreements only adding to the satisfaction when we do.

In case you were wondering how Oliver was doing in prison, it took him five whole months before he framed a guard! That’s not very heroic behavior, but if you’ve been around Arrow for a while you know that five months without doing something incredibly stupid is actually a really solid streak for Oliver Queen. Honestly, I thought he was going to shank the guard rather than himself, so we’re still gonna call what he did progress for the big dummy. There’s no way this action doesn’t lead to fallout with the guards or escalation with the other inmates, but at least it’ll be interesting! 

Everyone’s struggling to sort out their roles (except for Curtis. Structure suits you, buddy), but none so much as Felicity. While the rest of the team has had months to adjust to their situations, she’s been stuck in hiding and serving coffee. Not exactly stimulating for the smartest member of the team. Felicity spends most of “The Longbow Hunters” floundering as she struggles to sort out how she’s going to bring Diaz to justice. After finding that she’s not going to accomplish her goals with ARGUS, she swerves way left and seeks the help of one special agent Watson. Sure, Watson put her husband in prison. But she really was just doing her job, and they both have the same end goal: bring Ricardo Diaz down. Besides, Felicity’s always the most brilliant person in the room. We’ll undoubtedly see her offer a deal of her own before this all wraps up.

“The Longbow Hunters” may not have been as solid of an episode as “Inmate 4587”, but it’s got enough moments to keep the ball rolling. Shout out below if you had thoughts on this week’s episode of Arrow.