LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 4.01 Review “The Virgin Gary”

Nate and Ray are Bronies.

This post contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow.

The weirdest show in town is back and damn are we ever happy about it! If you raised an eyebrow about the “weirdest show” title, here’s your casual reminder that last year the Legends took down an ancient demon with a giant teddy bear that had previously been viewed as a sort of deity because the Legends messed up the timeline so bad. And that wasn’t even the weirdest thing to go down in season three.

So, where else could Legends of Tomorrow possibly go after things like Beebo, or sending Gorilla Grodd to kill a young Barack Obama as an episode’s sub plot? Delighted you asked. This year it’s magic! Turns out that when you open a portal to let out an ancient monster, it’s not the only thing capable of getting out. That’s right, the Legends managed to fix every hole they put in the timeline only to sprinkle monsters all through it. Poor misfits can’t catch a break. But more magic means more John Constantine, so get ready for debauchery!

Also new to this season? Fourth wall breaks! Ray acknowledges ratings several times in the episode under the guise of Time Bureau rankings, one of which gives a shout out to Supernatural. Some may not love the fourth wall situation, but they counter that by giving them both to lovable doof Ray Palmer. The very same lovable doof who has been nothing but tortured throughout his entire tenure in the DCTV universe, and is definitely due for a win. If that’s gotta be Nora Darhk in all of her murdery glory, then so be it. Ray Palmer deserves nice things, writers!

Surprisingly, Zari decides to help Ray on his quest to find Nora in the timeline. Her cynicism has always complimented his unwavering optimism, making them an incredible team. But their pairing really shines when she pushes her bitterness down in order to help keep his hope alive. That takes us to yet another exceptional quality of Legends of Tomorrow: its ability to be the weirdest, funniest nonsense on television while still dropping in heavy moments.

“The Virgin Gary” graced us with two of those moments. The first is between the aforementioned Zari and Ray during one of their rare treks to the present. She takes him to see her mother. The very mother who is murdered because of her faith in the future Zari comes from. The second is with Nate and his father Henry Heywood as the two put aside their differences to have a beer together. Yes, they put Thomas Wilson in another time travel story and it’s great.

In the midst of all this is Sara and Ava’s adorableness. The two fundamentally different women have formed the kind of relationship that makes your heart grow three sizes every time the couple is given a scene, and Ava wants Sara to move in. Even more, Sara wants to move in. The woman who spent the first two seasons sleeping her way through history is so ready to settle down that she tries to hide the whole magic situation because she doesn’t want her girlfriend to see her as a failure. What’s not precious about that?

After using Gary (the only virgin the Legends knew) as bait so Constantine could send the unicorn to hell, Sara begrudgingly admits all of this to Ava. No hiding for half the season, and no half truths. The former assassin spills her guts to her clone girlfriend only to find out that Gary had already spilled the beans. Why? Well, he was really proud about having his nipple bitten off by a unicorn, you see.

The point of all of this is to say that Legends of Tomorrow isn’t just back for another season. This weird experiment continues to evolve and give viewers a new reason to laugh, cry, and mouth “what the hell” every single episode. Their premiere showed off all of the heart that makes Legends incredible, and we can’t wait to see what they're building up to in season four.

We want to know your thoughts on Legends of Tomorrow’s return in the comments below. We also want to know what you think you’d see if you got unicorn goo on you!