OPEN THREAD: Which Slasher Franchise Do YOU Want To See Rebooted?

HALLOWEEN's massive success guarantees a few of these will get the reboot treatment.

As you've surely heard by now, David Gordon Green's Halloween raked in a staggering $77.5M at the box office this weekend, a figure that all but guarantees we'll be seeing a Halloween 2 (reportedly already in development) and a number of other slasher franchises brought back to the big screen. 

The inevitability of it all inspired quite the back-and-forth behind the scenes at BMD yesterday, all of it swirling around one question: if you were gonna get excited about one slasher franchise reboot, which would it be? Some of us stan for Friday the 13th. Others are fully onboard the Nightmare on Elm Street train. Perhaps foolishly, a few of us would even be open to the idea of more Texas Chain Saw Massacres. We are not a smart group.

But what about y'all? If you could snap your fingers and bring one slasher icon back from the grave, who would it be, and what approach would you take with the reboot? A complete reimagining? Wouldja go the Halloween route, and make your film a sequel to an original? Would you attempt to add on to one of these franchise's already-convoluted mythologies? Sound off in the comments below. We're curious what the BMD readership would do given a blank check, no rights issues, and no creative oversight.