Dudes Get Totally Plowed In First COLD PURSUIT Trailer

Welcome to a different kind of Liam Neeson action movie.

It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for Liam Neeson’s action output to evolve a little. While some of these movies are definitely better than others, few have been able to break out of the mold set with Taken, and that movie came out ten years ago.

Which is why I’m so excited about Cold Pursuit, which used to have the way cooler name Hard Powder. A remake of the violently funny In Order of Disappearance, the film seemed likely to feature Neeson really killing the shit out of people with a delightfully dark sense of humor in tow, something I would very much like to see.

Based on this trailer, that’s exactly what we’re getting. Check it out:

I am all for it. Cold Pursuit (ugh, that title) comes out in February, a month they should really just rename “Neesons”. I have a strong feeling it’s going to kick ass.